Visendra 2102

Stone: quartz

Color: grey

Country: Turkey


Caliscousa offers best Marble Products (Visendra 2102), so do not expose exteriors to pointed and sharp gadgets, even when they are scrape resistant. The use of a cutting board is always suggested.
Pour a mild detergent on a damp sponge with a small quantity of impenetrable and bleach. Wipe the surface in a gentle motion and rinse right away. For harsh stains like rust on metal, pour a small quantity of this detergent onto the surface of the dishwashing stuffing, rub it smoothly and rinse instantly.
We suggest that you clean your Calisco surface at daily intervals to sustain its initial look. Calisco is structurally extra resistant to heat than any further surface; including granite, but it could be injured by sudden and quick thermal changes, like any surface.